House of Artisans is a shopping concept with smartly created items for women, designed by women. Several entrepreneurs and brands sought out to make a difference in their lives and others - by joining forces to create a home at House of Artisans. It’s less about mainstream fast fashion and faceless customers and more geared towards items that fit you, are unique, made-to-order and offer pure craftsmanship made for women and designed by women.

We are a mix of Dutch entrepreneurs who have taken a slightly different approach to the fashion world. Though they are all fashion-forward, these women are technically-driven and figure conscious.

We have similar stories, all were looking for something based on a need, and not finding the solution, thus their brands were born.


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Founded by LINJA founder and entrepreneur Bianca Blom, House of Artisans was a brick and mortar concept that brings brands, their creators and clients all together in one space. Innovation and collaboration is always central to Blom’s work, sharing the vision and values of each of the stores brand founders was of the utmost importance.

"With a combination of our shared passion, entrepreneurship and unique products, we strive to create a unique and inclusive experience for all at House of Artisans".

LINJA and House of Artisans was born from a desire to make women’s lives easier - more powerful, stylish and smarter, with new technologies, quality craftsmanship and a singular shopping experience. House of Artisans represents the future of a smarter buying experience, not only for its clients, but for everyone to experience a different way to shop.