House of Artisans is a mix of Dutch entrepreneurs who have taken a slightly different approach to the fashion world. Though they are all fashion-forward, these women are technically-driven and figure conscious. They have similar stories, all were looking for something based on a need, and not finding the solution, thus their brands were born



Bianca Blom, the founder and creator of LINJA set out to create a better experience for the everyday woman who wears heels - from daily work style to special occasions.

The structure and design of LINJA heels is focused on innovative comfort and support, bringing a new sense of strength to every woman wearing them.


Halsduk by Esmee

Halsduk by Esmee is Dutch craftsmanship with a Scandinavian touch.

Elegant, stylish and all Halsduk scarves are hand-woven, knitted or silk, made only in a limited collection, so they are truly one of a kind.



Created by a Dutch mother/daughter trio, Parioli sought out to offer women quality clothing based on their body type and personal style.

The Parioli format begins with a personalized digital pattern, matched with the ideal design for their client’s body type and paired with quality fabrics to match both colour and wearability - resulting in the perfect dress staple for every women’s wardrobe.



“the perfect fit to play ball”

While searching for the perfect sportdress, creator and founder Barbara Peek decided she’d need to create the perfect dress to play tennis and golf. Lapeek sportswear is designed for real women of all shapes - to aid their golf swing or tennis serve with breathable high-end fabrics, classic clean lines and a wearable style on and off the court



SheSuit is centred around the working women and making her life easier. The focus is on less is more and as a result, we have created an assemblage known exclusively as the Infinity Ready-to-Wear collection that is made by women for women in Amsterdam.

As a brand, the main focus of SheSuit is to create tailor-made pieces made through the use of unique designs, high-quality materials and masterful craftsmanship.